What is Made by Michal? 

Our goal is to bring uniqueness into your home. The first design idea was to take taneim plates and turn it into serving trays. Now we have other wedding gifts, hostess gifts and home decor.

 Is everything Hand-made?

Yes! Every product is handmade from Michal.

How do you receive my plate or glass to make something from the re “pieced” collection?

Once your order is confirmed we send you an order form to fill out. You will have an option to ship or drop off (depending on where you live). with all the instructions on the form.

 How long can a product take to make?

Depending on the product it may take up to three weeks to ship out. We try to let the product harden as long as possible to avoid any issues.

Can you wash any M.B.M product?

Yes! Hand wash only!

What if my plate or glass from my wedding is too small?

Either you can buy a plate or glass and ship it along with your item. We also offer for an additional charge to add extra pieces on our own if you don’t send extra. 

I don’t have a wedding plate but I like the design can I still order one? 

Absolutely! Just contact us through email or text/WhatsApp your order number and let us know!

How do I commission a project?

Reach out through WhatsApp or email.

Can I Customize any product you have

Yes product designed can be altered to meet your needs. 

Do you give refunds?

Being that all products are custom.
All products are final sale. We do highly value customer satisfaction so reach out if there are any issues.